Monday, April 30, 2012

We Have a Little Problem

Ok, this post I will probably post to both blogs.  It is hysterical, sweet, and I really don't know what to do.

Julianne has decided she wants to sleep in Aleshia's crib.  The crib had been up for a good while already.  Julianne had been going to sleep in her own bed some nights and then we carry her to our bed.  Other nights she just goes to sleep in our bed to begin with.  We don't leave her in her room at night while we are asleep, because if she wakes up she doesn't cry, but instead climbs out of bed and rocks and hits her head on the floor between her legs.  I can't bear to wake up and know she left a place on her head while I was sleeping so I take her to my bed.  Even at that sometimes she bangs before I get to her when she is sleepy or when she wakes up from having fallen asleep and not yet in my bed.

So, I go in her room the other evening and this is what I see:

Do you love the "Poor me, I don't know how I got here" look above,
or the "You know you can't even think of scolding me when I am this cute" look below?

What about this next look?
This is the "You really did figure it out and explain to Daddy how I got here, 
so you really do know me well, so I'm sure you are aware that I am 

Yes, my sweet and very smart daughter took the small chair over and used it to get onto the arm of the rocking chair, which she then used to climb into the crib!

Then the next night while we were getting the kids ready for bed (and after a very long day playing outside that made her tired before 2am evidently!) I go in and find her to have already put herself into Aleshia's bed and gone to sleep!
So the question is, "WHAT ON EARTH DO I DO?"!  She is nearly 6 years old and doesn't need to be in a crib.  She walks and obviously climbs quite well!  She still has the playpen, because she is unwilling to give it up.  

Do I let her continue this and pray that it gets old before Aleshia gets home?

Do I move the crib elsewhere so that she can't get in it?

Do I buy her a small portable crib like this one that I get for Keith and Aleshia?  (These are on wheels and can wheel into my room for those two at night which is why I bought those specific ones.)

Do I leave the crib there and fight with her to stay out of it?

I really don't know.  She wanted in Keith's highchair when I put it up and I explained it is for her little brother Keith.  She will still ask, but it is to get me to tell her that.  When I say it is for her "little brother Keith" she beams and giggles.  She's been interested in the walker, swing, etc that I've put together.  She tried to get into the walker, but when I told her that it was for "the baby", she didn't try to get in it any more.  

I don't know what to do about the bed.  

Opinions Appreciated Please!


  1. Maybe you could wheel this one into your room and just let her sleep in it all night? Then you could hear her if she got up and started banging her head. If that works out and makes life easier, you can order another before the kids come home.

  2. She is too cute!
    I remember when Nathan was a tweeny he would pull a pack of pampers over to the door and climb on it to reach the handle and escape!!
    I am thinking she feels really secure in here. Would it fit in your room? I guess its not very portable though. Peerhaps you could let her fall asleep here and then take her in with you - I guess you might have to buy another crib!! I know she is a big girl, and a big sister very soon but it doesn't really matter if she's happy and secure. Plus, a lot can change in a few weeks. I guess I'm saying go with the flow!

  3. Just finished a book: The boy raised as a dog. I loved it. It addresses scientifically the brain development of traumatized kids. Overall I took from it that to heal completely traumatized kids often need to go back through the infant stages with their new parents to complete the Neural pathways that did not get a chance to develop. I would say lower the rail on the crib to safely let her get in and out. Let her be treated as a baby and make those connections. Feed her in the highchair as an infant. It seemed in the book that the kids move thru the phases quickly. She may grow tired of both before the others come home. Maybe it will help stop the self harming. good luck,,,

  4. Do you have aa crib with a drop side, the ones that have been recalled? We took the side off of ours so iit's like a day bed for our 3boy yo. As far as her playng with the other stuff, maybe the new will be worn off by the time Keith arrives! Lynn

  5. Thank you so much for your help! It isn't a security thing for her. She really is the most secure of any kid here likely besides the one we gave birth to. She is not scared at all. She is just stubborn and likes to show off. I think she likes the climbing and "doing it herself" aspect. I'll update more later in another post. :)