Friday, April 27, 2012

Waiting to Hold My Babies

Well, I am so anxious to go get the kids that I can barely stand it. I wish I had a date, but of course I don't.  I just want to go get them and bring the home and take care of them myself.  The worry of having my children so far away just eats at me.  There is no way to know if they are sick or well, hungry or fed, been touched today or not, or laying in a wet diaper or just changed.

If you have ever waited like this, then you get it.  If you've never adopted, then imagine that your child was kidnapped and being held hostage.  You'd paid the ransom that you'd been allowed to pay, but you were still waiting to be allowed to make the final huge payment and have the child put in your arms.  You had begged and pleaded.  You were told you just had to wait for that message to come and then once things were decided they'd have a meeting to declare the hostage situation finally over and you could come and pick up your child 3 weeks later.

Put yourself there.  Imagine the despair and the desperation.  Then imagine what your children would be doing, thinking, and living through.  Imagine the wondering if they'd eaten, were they hurt, were they sick?????

Yes, that is my life right now.  I just want to hold my babies.  I want them set free!  I want them in my arms.  I want to make sure they are well, bellies full, clothes clean, baths given, hair combed, and lots of hugs every day.  I can't do any of that until the process moves through its many twists and turns.

Please pray for my children.  I know that Keith is in a horrible place.  I know that Nicholas's institution is very undesirable as well.  Ahnja, Anita, and Aleshia are probably "ok", but they need out and into a family as well.  They are not taken care of by any means like a child in a real family.  Ahnja is at a boarding school all week and at a group home on the weekends.  Anita is in an orphanage and doesn't like to be close to the other children.  Aleshia is in an institution where they do their best, but she needs a good bath and to learn what love and family is!

Please pray for God to hurry our process through for us.  All of the children need to come home quickly, but Keith's situation is urgent!

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