Saturday, April 28, 2012

Waiting Children 4-29-12

Well time for more waiting kids.  Please pray over each one.  Ask God to take care of them and help their family to step forward.

Ivan is waiting.  He needs medical care so that his brain can continue to grow properly.  He also needs a cleft palate repair so that he can speak.  He's such a cutie and he has Apert Syndrome.  His grant is over $4,000, so he has a good start to help toward his adoption.  He would do so well in a family!!!

Danila is a beautiful 6 year old little girl with Down Syndrome.  She has close to $13,000 in her grant to help with her adoption.  The orphanage staff must favor her because look at those bows!

Nicky is only 2 years old and has a grant of over $11,000 to help with his adoption.  He is so tiny and needs a family so badly!!

This sweet boy has just turned 3 years old.  His name is Wyatt and he has Down Syndrome, along with other medical needs.  He has a grant of over $3,800 and is in urgent need of a family!!

Tiny Justin will be a year old in June!!  He needs a family.  What a gift that would be!!!  He has a grant of over $3,000 to help with his adoption.  Please Mama go get him!!

Preston is 6 years old and has Down Syndrome.  He will spend his life in an institution and that part of his life is about ready to start.  Wouldn't you love to show him what love and family are all about???  You could be the one to teach him how wonderfully God made him!!  He has a grant of over $15,000 to help get him home!!!

Poor Stacy is already living in an institution.  This picture shows her entire world.  The bars of that crib are confining her to a life of misery!!!  She is only 5 years old and doesn't deserve such horrid confinement!!  She has a grant of over $4,000 to help get her out.  Will you be the one to pull her out of the depths of despair???  "Please Mama, look at me and take that leap of faith!"

Now you have seen.  You know their names, have seen their faces, and know their plight.  You have a pretty good idea as to how dire their situations and how helpless they are to change them.  What will you do about it?

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  1. Oh my heart aches for sweet, little Justin (well, all of them really) but he really caught my eye. Waiting for the hubby to get on board :( Praying for them in the meantime!