Saturday, April 14, 2012

Waiting Children Post 4-15-12

There are so many waiting children that it is hard to even decide who to post.  So here are just a few of the waiting children who came to mind tonight.

Sarah, because I am going to keep posting her until she has a family!!!  She can't be left behind in that horrible place!

Yana is just gorgeous and is only 11 months old!!  She has Down Syndrome and is very healthy!

Quentin is only 3 years old and just adorable!!!  He also has Down Syndrome and is healthy!

Rose is just gorgeous and 4 years old.  She has Down Syndrome and has had her heart corrected, so she is now healthy!

Gage has Down Syndrome and is only 3 months old!!!  What a sweet baby!!

Rachel is just 5 years old and has delays.  A family who recently met her said she was very affectionate and had good things to say about her.  :)

Libby is 10 years old.  She has Down Syndrome, is beautiful, and needs a family!

Basil is a cute little 4 year old boy who has Down Syndrome.  He is walking and loves music!

Last, but not least is:

Brent is an adorable little boy with Down Syndrome. He is healthy, but has already been transferred to the institution.  He's only 6 years old and his grant is over $10,000!!!!  Someone go get him!

Please remember that we have an Article 5 interview that our attorney will attend Tuesday morning at 2pm their time and 8am our time!!!  Please request prayer from everyone that you know that it goes well and doesn't delay us.  Pray that it is quick and the Article 5 will be given to our attorney at that time for our adoption.  Pray for every set of hands that our paperwork touches and that our children are home quickly, where we can get Keith the medical attention that he needs and all of them can start learning how wonderfully loved they are.  <3


  1. I listed the older RR children age 6 and older by age on my blog so that it is easier to see which children have the least amount of time to find families before aging out. Hopefully it will be helpful. We are praying for them all.
    Thank you for rallying for these children. The need it great!


  2. I had posted on the Yahoo group that we were wanting to commit to Sarah a few days ago. That Tom will be seeing her the week of the 22nd. People will assume your efforts to "keep posting her until she has a family". Means no one wants to adopt her. Not true. We do. We can't commit until we have a court date in a few months.

  3. Thank you for posting about all these wonderful children...How I will be desperately praying for them all. I am Brent's prayer warrior so he has stolen my heart already here is an updated picture of him