Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday

My sweet Aleshia is 6 years old today!  This is the day each year that ends our 17 days of having four 5 year olds.  Oh how I wish she wasn't missing another birthday at home.  I just got finished putting her rocker/bouncer together.  That way it felt like a birthday present a little. 

I was able to send her a birthday card in a package that we were able to send to her.  The director at her institution is very nice and helpful and gave us an address to send stuff to her at.  So we sent her a book that I recorded, another book with buttons to push,  and then a singing card.

I put this together for her tonight:
This works  like a bouncer and has the vibration feature,
but is meant to be a toddler rocker too. 
I'm hoping that she finds it soothing
and that she begins to try to rock it.  :)

Happy Birthday My Sweet Princess!! 

Mama is coming for you soon!


  1. What a darling! She shares a birthday with one of my sons! HEre's to seeing her home before summer is even halfway over.