Saturday, May 5, 2012

Waiting Children 5-5-12

Well, another weekend is here.

Time for you all to look at some BEAUTIFUL children who were all made in the image of God.

Kristopher will not be listed with Reece's Rainbow much longer.  His file's time with the agency that has it is almost up.  This 2 year old has as of yet, been rejected by the Christians of America, or at least those who call themselves that.  I can't understand.  Why aren't there a line of people begging for this little boy??????  He is having an eye surgery soon and will likely just require glasses.  He's such a cutie and doing so well.  Please someone go get these baby!!!

Gabby is a beautiful little girl with so much potential from the horrible place as one of our little ones.  Gabby is now 3 years old.  She has been left lay in a crib her entire life.  She has several medical diagnoses.  I don't know how accurate any of them are really.  I'm dying inside that her chance for a family is being seriously damaged by those diagnoses.  GOD DIDN'T MAKE HER TO LAY IN THAT CRIB!  If this little girl gets transferred from the horrible place to an institution, then she will lay in a crib forever.  No one will ever see this little girl's potential until she is out of there!!!  Please someone take the leap of faith for her!!  SHE NEEDS A FAMILY!

Alyssa is a gorgeous little girl that is in the horrible place with one of my little ones.  She is almost 9 years old and VERY tiny.  She only weighs 30 pounds.  She walks with assistance, but as never had a chance to do any more than that.  Given a chance this little girl, who had very MILD needs, will blossom into the wonderful happy girl that God created her to be.  Are you the chance that God has planned for her????

Marcus is 6 years old and doing WONDERFUL!  Look at that smile and tell me that you can't see him laughing at your dinner table or giggling in the backseat!  Please, he needs a family!!

Kael is a doll baby!  Look what a sweet angelic face!  He is only 2 years old and needs a family!!  Go see more about him on the link and consider helping him by either donating or adopting the little guy!

Gemma is a wonderfully bright 6 year old little girl!  She is doing wonderfully and talking in sentences.  She has all the self help skills that any typical child would have at that age and is very smart!  Mama are you ready for her??

I can't believe no one has scooped up Aleksa yet!!  This is another very bright little girl!  She has cerebral palsy with spasticity in her feet and needs to have her eyes aligned (not a big deal as I've had two daughters have that done and it is an easy fix!).  She is 6 years old and attending regular kindergarten.

Haven is another beautiful 6 year old little girl.  She has some medical needs that might sound scary to some, but her Mama is going to look at those needs and say "God has it, so no problem".  She needs that Mama to find her now.  She is afraid of strangers and she needs someone to belong to and never have to be afraid again.  Mama are you looking????

Aiden is getting ready to celebrate his 5th birthday!  He has a visual impairment and needs a family badly.  He is ready.  Are you?

Now that you've seen this faces you KNOW.  They are alone and they can't help themselves.  When we were in that condition, God sent Jesus to DIE to pay the cost of our adoptions.  If you can't adopt right now, then donate or share this post.  Advocate for waiting children.  Yes, please pray for each individual child posted here, but don't make that all you do.  You can do more.  Please look at each child and pray for their safety, their family to come forward, and what part God has for you in their lives and the lives of other orphans.  We as Christians shouldn't rest as long as children lay down at night alone, hungry, and with no hope.  Jesus didn't leave us with no hope and it won't cost us our lives.

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