Friday, April 27, 2012

Waiting Children Post 4-28-12

Well, Miss Sarah that I posted and screamed for has a family going for her.  I am so humbled by watching what God can do.  Many eyes were opened and hearts were stirred by her story.  God used her.  Tiny Sarah, living in a horrible place, all alone, and with no voice besides those of us yelling for her - was used by God!

God wants to use all of us!!

Will you allow Him to use you today?  Will you share, donate, or ADOPT???  Here is your chance!!

Kristopher has very minor special needs and just turned 2 years old recently.  He will be having an eye surgery soon and needs a loving family to cheer him on and probably get him some glasses!  There are videos of him available so ASK!

Edward is 7 years old and has very mild delays.  He is such a cutie and a very small little guy for his age.  Please go check out Edward!!

Marcia was listed as having a family, but she doesn't have one going for her now.  She has been transferred to an institution already and is not doing well.  She just turned 5 years old in February.  She does have a grant to help with her adoption, so go read about her and ask God what He wants you to do.  Please help her!

Sweet Gabby is in desperate need of a family.  She is in the BAD PLACE where one of my children is.  She  is just 3 years old.  She has some needs, but it really is hard to tell what her needs would be if she had a decent chance.  She is a beautiful girl and no matter what her needs are, she was made in God's image and deserves to be loved.  Please help Gabby!!

Alyssa is also in that BAD PLACE!  She is is nearly 9 years old and only weighs 30lbs.  :(  Children in that horrible place are often very small.  Alyssa is doing wonderful though considering where she is.  She just needs a family to step out for her!

Don't forget Brent!  He is 6 years old and has a grant for over $10,000 available to help him out of the mental institution he is in and into a family!!  Such a cutie he is too! Is he your son?

Celine is a beautiful 6 year old little girl who also has a grant of over $10,000 available to get her into a family!  Please consider her!  What a beautiful daughter she would be!!

Please pray, advocate, donate, and ADOPT! If God could use tiny Sarah who sits all alone in that HORRIBLE place then I know He can use each one of us.  Let Him use you today!!!


  1. Let's not forget Danila ( - such a sweety, and has almost 13K in her grant. I love her smile!

  2. Thank you for advocating for Marcia and for putting together the beautiful collage of her. I'm fundraising for her and I'm always so glad to see that there are other people who care about her.