Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Like the New Look? and NEWS

I'm sure you have noticed the new look of the blog if you are reading this!  I'm so excited about it.  It not only looks better, but it is set to transition even for when the kids get home.  We are a step closer to them being home since our paperwork is back to Bulgaria now and should be at the embassy there!!  :)

A lady that I met through the Hidden Treasures Auction and have gotten the pleasure of getting to know asked if she could use our photos to develop a "Child of My Heart" computer scrapbooking kit.  I of course was thrilled to be a part in any way.  All of you adoptive moms out there know how hard it is to find things that are adoption appropriate!  This kit is wonderful and has so many useful things.  Some of those things were used on this blog!!  See the cute pictures down the side and the Forever Family word art with the kids pictures, those are all from that kit.  I tried to get them looking nice on here and realized that I was doing them a huge injustice.  I asked for help and one of the ladies who works with her volunteered to design the blog for me and even jumped over and did our family blog as well!!  I feel so blessed by both of their work!


The items you can see in the preview can be used to make cards, print out, or do numerous other things as well as digi scrapbooking.  It would be great for making things to fundraise for your adoptions!!!  There are so many uses for it as explained in this quote from their page:  "Like all my kits its scrap 4 hire friendly which means you can use it in your finished ETSY projects like cards, transfers, embroidery.
All the files are high res 300 dpi and suitable for printing onto paper, card, fabric and lazertrans."

CatDesignz has a shop on Etsy and one on Facebook.  They have lots of neat things that make scrapbooking easy as well as things to make Facebook Timeline pictures easy to set up nicely.  Best of all if you go there and buy the "Child of My Heart" kit for $6.99 the proceeds all go to help pay for nurses that will go to the place where a certain tiny child of ours and so many others that are in dire need live.  The kit is really great and you can do so very much with it! 

You can go read this blog post by a good friend to better understand the needs where he lives and what a huge need there is for nurses there.  The conditions that he lives in are also discussed and there is a chipin there to donate if you want to help in that way.   Just click the underlines section and it will take you to that very important post.

So THIS is the link to take you to purchase that "Child of my Heart" kit on Etsy.

This link will take you to the Facebook Store so you can purchase the "Child of my Heart" kit there. 

Here is a link to her blog store where there is even more great stuff and the kit will be on there a little later.  :)

There is so much in the kit that not only would it be great for adoptive families, but also for anyone else!

Please go take a look and get something great while helping the orphans in that really bad place where my little boy lives.  Send lots of prayers up for them too.

Here some examples of the wonderful things you can make! 

Here's a closer look at some of the kit's contents for you



This is just a selection of the contents - the kit has 125 seperate elements, all at 300pdi high resolution and suitable for printing out for hybrid and paper crafts as well as digiscrapping.   You could even use them on your own blog! All the layouts on this page, as well as the new look for my blog were made using the kit so that you can see just how versatile it is.


  1. loving the new look, just off to see what magic Celeste has sprinkled on your family blog

  2. Love the new look!! It's gorgeous! :)

  3. What a beautiful look! It goes well with your beautiful children!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!! The new look of the blog is awesome! and all the cuteness of your little sweethearts is just about gonna make me burst. Can't wait til you have them home. So glad you are getting closer.