Wednesday, April 11, 2012

God Gave Us A Miracle to Start Us off

I got an email today from our attorney in Bulgaria.  Our paperwork was at the US Embassy there, but there weren't an appointments available in April.  Today she got notified that they had a cancellation and put us in a spot for Tuesday!!!  That is a miracle straight from God!

It is at 2pm their time on Tuesday. 

That means that at 8 am on Tuesday I need everyone to pray that it goes very smoothly!

Our attorney will be there to answer questions on our behalf and try to get things done quickly.  If that gets done on Tuesday, then the next step will be for it to be translated and sent to the MOJ for a signature.  Please begin to pray now that it goes quickly!  From there it will be assigned to court and once a court date is scheduled we will have a better idea of when we are travelling.  Please please please PRAY!!! 

Don't forget to go check out THIS post for a way to help the children at that horrible place and to see more about our new blog design!


  1. So thankful they were able to get you in quickly. Praying those babies home :)

  2. Thanks ladies!! Praying God moves things very quickly from here out!

  3. We are praying for swift speed - and congratulations!!

  4. Praising God for this miracle and praying things will go more smoothly from here and those babies can be home quickly!!

  5. I am so glad for this wonderful news, Amanda