Friday, April 13, 2012

Waiting Children for 4-14-12

I am going to highlight some waiting kids today, but first I just have to express what is killing me.  See, the countries that these kids are from don't see them as worth anything.  Children with special needs there are not valued at all.  Sometimes they don't even go to the trouble to list children with special needs for adoption because "no one will want them anyway" is their thought.  Kids, like our little one, are thought to be "unworthy".  They receive little care in some of these places and are just barely kept alive.  Some orphanages/institutions try their best, though it isn't even close to having a family.  Others, are very neglectful.  They don't think it matters.  They don't think the kids are "worth" it.

One country rotates files and agencies choose different files, but only keep them for a limited amount of time.  So when a file goes back, I feel we are actually saying "Christians here don't want him/her either".  It makes me sick!!!!  I just can't bear it.  We are confirming the thoughts of those who don't think these kids are "wanted" or worth anything.  It is KILLING ME!!!  Please think about the impact that the inaction of Christians here is having on the orphan crisis.  Not only are we not adopting these kids at the rate that we should be as Christians, but doggone we are telling these countries that they are right!!!  God forgive us!!!  There should be a line up of Christians begging for the opportunity to give a child the same gift of adoption that we were given!!!!  Not everyone can adopt, but a whole lot more could and should than are!

So here is a little girl who Christians have so far in the past few weeks said "No, she isn't worthy it" to:

Sarah is in that "very bad place".  She is 5 and is blind.  Can you even imagine being blind in that horrible place????  She would improve so much in a family.  Don't let the fact that she isn't mobile and is laying down distract you!  She is doing wonderful considering where she is and the fact that she's never had a chance to do ANYTHING.  Please, please, please don't confirm for them that she isn't wanted!!  Please share her and donate to her and do something to get her in a family.  Most of all, ask God if this should be your daughter!?!

Kristopher is just a year old!  Yet no one inquires!  He's laying down, likely because it is an old picture.  It is also possible that he's never had an opportunity to do more.  Who knows and who cares!!!  He is a little boy in need of a family.  He has some eye issues that will maybe need more surgery and will likely catch up in all areas and just need glasses!  Do we really want them to think he isn't worth anything to us????  Come on people!!

Dalton was just born in 2010.  He has Down Syndrome and is healthy!  If he were a girl (which he isn't despite his shirt!), then he would have likely been snatched up before he was listed on Reece's Rainbow.  Yet, because he is a boy . . .   Do we really think he is unworthy of a family??  They will if we don't find him a family!  Come on Christians!  Someone go get your son!

Then there are so many new children listed just today who are older.  For years everyone had determined that they weren't worth anything.  They are living in institutions and are alone.  If they reach the age of 16, then all hope is GONE!  No sweet 16 parties, just hopelessness!

Leigh will turn 16 in June!!!!  She needs a family QUICKLY!!!!  Can you imagine her locked away for the rest of her life???  Come on people!!  Spread the word.  Let people feel the pain of what that means.  If you aren't paper ready to get her, then share her so someone who is can see her.  Then, go get yourself paper ready.  Go bring home a child, so that another child will never never be where she is!

Trina will be 16 in October, that birthday will mean hopelessness unless someone chooses to be God's hands and feet for her.  Is this a beautiful picture of a smiling little girl?  NO  It is the picture of a little girl who has spent most of her life in an institution and doesn't have one thing to smile about unless you do something!  I promise that God didn't overlook you for adoption, because of your condition!  Help her!

Jared will also lose all hope when he turns 16 in October!  He needs a family to step up and do what it takes.  God did it for us and now we all need to get off our rears and do it for these kids.  Imagine that little boy locked away behind the walls of an institution forever!!  HELP!!!!!!  He has no voice, so I'm yelling for him.  HELP!!!

Stefan only has until September for his hope to be gone.  He looks so full of life!!  Someone help him please!!

Can you tell if this is a boy or a girl?  Probably not, but this is a little GIRL who is 10 years old.  Her head has likely been shaved because of how life goes at the institution.  Oh how she needs a family.  She looks so sad and alone.  She has to be terrified!!  Rita just needs someone to love her and give her a chance, let her hair go long, and show her how it feels to be pretty.  She is gorgeous, you just can't see it because it is hidden away, as is she. 

Your eyes are open.  You have SEEN.  Now it is time to DO!!  Repost, share, donate, advocate, and please PRAY HARD AND ASK GOD IF YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO ADOPT!!!  The orphan crisis isn't going to get better until God's children (who were orphans before His sacrafice!) get up and show the world that every single child is loved and wanted.  When they see us lined up and ready to take the children that they cast off, then they can see that they are WORTH a lot.  Do something to change the world of one child today and you will also change the views of those who watch from their country.  Do it for the child and you will be the one who is blessed.


  1. I think there are many many ppl like me. It isn't that we don't want them or don't think they are worth it. My heart is so there so hungry to adopt as many as possible. But we do not meet the income requirements. In fact we aren't even close. I pray that the Lord would change our situation and give us what we need to help, but until the Lord changes things, we wait and pray. My heart is crushed over these little ones. My husband and I have 3 kids and can't imagine anyone treating them this way. 2 of my children have ADHD and one has speech and auditory processing disorder. They bring immense joy to our lives! So while I cannot commit to a child/children I am praying and daily check progress for these helpless children. Knowing our God can do what I cannot. I have followed you blog and many others these past many months-year and have not commented before. This is my first. God bless

    1. Thank you for chiming in! I am very aware that there are many who want to and don't qualify for one reason or the next. I will be praying that God opens the door for you. You might also consider adopting a child waiting in foster care. We've adopted 12 that way and the income requirements are just that you can support yourself and meet your bills. :) Unfortunately, there are also a lot of people who can and won't even pray and ask God what He would have them do, bc they aren't willing. They don't want to see of know. When they do see, they declare it isn't their responsibility. Those are the hearts that need to realize the cost of those opinions.