Saturday, April 7, 2012

Not Enough Easter Baskets

It is 1 am where I live.  I just finished putting together 13 Easter baskets.  That was not nearly enough.  It hurt not to be able to make Easter baskets for my other 5 babies.  They should be here enjoying their childhood, not where they are right now.  It is Sunday, so poor tiny Keith probably won't get much care today.  No hope of the Baba coming, so all alone in that ridiculous isolation room.  :( 

We had an egg hunt today and two families joined us here.  One of our friends that came had 3 kids and the other had 2 kids.  That meant that there were 18 kids here today!  That is how many should have been here, but that should have been the number once every one left!!  We had so much fun with the two families that joined us.  God has truly blessed us with some awesome friends to enjoy!  They are so supportive and I know that I can count on them to pray.  They come along side and make the hard times more bearable, because you know that they care about the kids coming and are praying and loving them along with us.  I can't wait for them to meet our 5 Bulgarian Blessings! 

                                                 I sure wish they were here to join in the fun!                     

 Julianne was not having any part of that silliness.
"Seriously, Mommy will get my chocolate whenever I want it!"
The other kids thought that hunting was lots more fun.
So many places to look!
Of course since we hid over 600 eggs,
there were a lot just laying around too!

Of course these three boys had to cut the "hunting" short!
There was so much eating to do and that just couldn't wait!

Julianne was right though!
She got some "chocolate" once everyone was gone
and the excitement died down!
Of course, this chocolate was COLD!

Keith, Aleshia, Anita, Nicholas, and Ahnja
There will be many holidays once you get here.
Mommy has been said to "over do" holidays,
but those people aren't thinking about how many holidays
I had to miss with each of my babies
and how many holidays were never celebrated.
Yes, I am going to make sure that you have wonderful memories
of holidays
and every day!

I love you so much!
Soon babies, Soon!
Please everyone, pray that is is very soon!


  1. Carissa's there, too. Maybe next Easter she'll be here....