Thursday, April 5, 2012

Getting Ready for Travel

Yes, I am preparing.  I want to be ready when that moment arrives.  There is so much to prepare for.  All 5 of our children are so entirely different.  Ahnja is spunky and talks a lot (in a language I don't know so I need to start listening to that Bulgarian Language CD).  Nicholas is my little wild man and has been in an institution for years, so what a world he is about to see!  Anita is nonverbal, but very mobile and maybe has some Autistic tendencies, but though she is slow to warm up she is sweet and fun once she does.  Aleshia is nonverbal, nonmobile, has autistic tendencies, and doesn't support herself sitting up yet, but is such a sweetie!  Tiny Keith is nonverbal, nonmobile, doesn't sit up well yet, is extra tiny and fragile, and is in need of love and nutrition.  Yet Keith has been in isolation for over 2 years in a sick ward, so we are going to have to be very careful not to overstimulate him.  That will be hard when I'm dying to cuddle him!

Getting them through the airports should be an exciting journey.  I started searching for strollers while Brent was still in Bulgaria.  So many things to consider.  Keith will need an infant carseat for the plane ride, so we needed to accomodate that along with Aleshia in one.  Then I needed a stroller that would keep Nicholas and Anita contained.  Then Ahnja could just get tired and contrary when travelling for around 24 straight hours.  lol 

So here is the plan. 
Aleshia and Keith will ride in the one above. 
It will accomodate his infant carrier though the picture doesn't show that.
It also has a place on the back of it that Ahnja can sit or stand to ride.
Nice canopies should help with the overstimulation too!

Anita and Nicholas will ride in this.
It holds 2 children with a weight of 50lbs each!
It also leans back slightly and sits up off the ground.
The hope is that the tilt and height will keep them from
being able to fight to get out as easily.
It also has a nice sunshadewhich will hopefully keep them from
getting overstimulated by the lights and sights if that becomes necessary.

We surely want to get everyone safely and as happily as possible through the airports. I have two great adults going with me, who are both very experienced.  Can't wait till the strollers arrive here, but I really can't wait until I need to use them!

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  1. so much to think about - sounds like you are well on the way with your preps

  2. We have a stroller very similiar to the second one...and it can hold children up to 50lbs in each seat-we love it! What brand is it? Ours is a Valco Baby Double jogging stroller that we bought used on Craigslist.