Sunday, April 22, 2012

Waiting Children 4-22-12

This is Keegan.  He is only a year old and will be tranferred to an institution soon because his baby house is closing He needs a family badly!!!!  Please help this tiny boy!!!

Once again here is Sarah.  This little girl is in dire need.  She lives in a horrible place.  When her file goes back, we as Christians have failed.  We will have agreed witht them that she isn't worth what she should be.  I am sick waiting for someone to step forward.  :(  This beautiful little girl is made in the image of God!!!  She is PRECIOUS to HIM!!!  Jesus tells us in the Bible that what we do unto the least of these we do unto HIM, so I guess our "Christian" brothers and sisters in Christ are just leaving Sarah and Him in that terrible place.     :(

Remember who made these babies and read a bit in the Bible about what we are told to do. 

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