Monday, April 9, 2012

My Kids and I Were So Blessed Today

First, if you notice some changes in the look of the blog, I will tell you more about it once I get it all finished.  There is a wonderful lady who has done some beautiful stuff for us to put up here and has a wonderful way that you can have some too and help some orphans!! She donated some of her work to The Hidden Treasures Auction as well.  Hopefully I can get it all fixed up tomorrow and give you the links once you can get the full effect! 

I thought I'd tell you about what happened tonight that blessed us beyond belief.  As many of you know, the Hidden Treasures Auction that was done for our family just ended.  We were so blessed with all of the donations and people who dropped in to bid and buy things!!  So many people worked so hard.  You also probably remember that my kids made some artwork that they were so tickled to be able to put into the auction and help bring their siblings home.  When the first bids of $5 and $7 came in - they were thrilled to be a part. 

Tonight I got an email from the lady that bought all 4 of their pieces of art.  I got to share the contents of that email with my children.  Their excitement made my day!!!  The lady who bought them paid $200 for those 4 pieces of art!!  She plans to hang them at her home and pray for Keith, our other children, and the many other children in Keith's orphanage.  The $200 is of course very helpful with the costs of the adoption, but what was even better was the look on my kids' faces when they realized that the effort they put into making those out of love for their siblings had helped with $200 of the cost of bringing home their siblings that they so adore already!!!!  Seriously, I had to get a moment to myself so they wouldn't think I was sad from the tears. 

What a wonderful "God thing" to bring someone who was so willing to be used by Him!  What a blessing it was to my kids and to us!  That will be something that my kids always remember.  They will probably carry that feeling of making such a difference with them forever and I pray that they grow up to always try to make a difference.  I pray they always remember that God will use our best (no matter what it is) if we are willing to give it.  I also pray that they always remember that God uses willing people in BIG ways! 

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