Sunday, April 8, 2012

Choosing Misery

Today as I sat in church I just kept thinking of what Jesus did and the GIGANTIC price that He paid for my adoption.  I just can't imagine paying the cost that He did. 

Then a thought came to me.  It was like God just spoke it right to my heart.

What if I got over to the horrible place that Keith is in and he said he didn't want a family, love, food, safety, etc?  (Keith doesn't talk, but try to get the point)  What if he would just rather continue to starve, alone, and unloved?  What if the price that we paid to get him out of there and the huge amount of love that we have for him just didn't matter to him and he chose to stay behind?

That is honestly what it is when someone rejects God's gift, except for worse.  The cost He paid was His Son's life.  The amount of love that had to be there for Him to pay that price is more than we can even imagine.  The choice that they make is eternal torment and misery, instead of one that will eventually end when life does.  They choose that over the love of a Father who promises to take care of them and make them part of His Family.

Keith is little and tiny and alone.  He would never choose the misery he has lived in.  You could clearly see him enjoy the love of his father when Brent was there.

Why don't people want that with the Father who offers such love and care???  God is right there and offers a free gift and they refuse!

I stood humbled.  Do we do enough to make people see Who they are rejecting??  I pray that I can live a life that points others to my Father and makes them want what He promises to give.

Happy Easter!!!!  Praise God for His Love that made the Free Gift available.


  1. :sniff, sniff: What a beautiful illustration... I can't wait until Keith is redeemed in reality ~ for Jesus' glory!

  2. Oh, Amanda - that was beautiful! I hope I get to meet you someday - perhaps in Bulgaria!

  3. Thanks ladies! I just was overwhelmed by God and His Sacrafice. It is so hard to be away from my children. God did it all willingly FOR ME!