Monday, April 23, 2012

Got a Nice Little Update

Another mother is visiting her little one where Keith is this week.  She got to see him today, because he was out being pushed through the halls with his Baba!  I'm so happy that she got to see him.  Any "Keith sighting" is a big deal for me, plus knowing that he was out of that isolation room for a little while today was great too!

No pictures because she wasn't allowed to take pictures of other kids, but just glad to have had him get out and know he is ok at the moment.  Praying hard that I get to be there very soon and hold him!

Yes, I will be holding him soon and I will make sure that he is never alone again!  Pray that things move quickly!!  Praising God today that He allowed us a small update to know he is ok and waiting. 

Coming for you soon sweet boy!

1 comment:

  1. When I looked at that picture I thought "Thank goodness he has his thumb".
    He has that comfort and it isn't hurting him. All of you are in my prayers.