Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We Should Have It By

We are already suppose to have the signature that we need by the end of the week!  Keep praying.  We really want to ship Brent over there so that he can check on my babies.  That will also put us one step closer to them being in my arms and no longer orphans. 

The pictures that I ordered for their albums are in, but I need to find a way to label each one with the Bulgarian word for "mommy", "daddy", "brother", "sister", etc.  Anyone have any great ideas??  I did order pictures of each of my 5 Bulgarian Blessings as well.  I am going to put those pictures in the albums as well.  I figure that they will serve two purposes.  One, it will give them a glimpse of their siblings that they will be travelling home with.  Two, it will help them to see themselves as a part of our family.  They already are in our hearts - that is for sure!

I have some other cool things planned for Brent to take with him that should help them to get use to seeing our faces.  :)  I'll take some pictures and share that with you all soon!

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  1. How about putting them in the album and at the bottom put a little white sticker(long) with the name on it?
    How exciting!!! Can't wait for this to happen!!