Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Part 4 of Introducing Our Kids

Next up for his introduction is "Nicholas Cole".
We decided to keep his Reece's Rainbow name of Nicholas.  Nicholas actually means "victory of the people".  He is finally going to have "victory".  Frankly, we "people" will actually feel a big victory when he and his brother and sisters are home as well. 

Nicholas's information that we have is quite old.  It will be 3 years soon since the information was updated.  As of then, he was not yet speaking.  He was using the bathroom, but had to be reminded to go.  He was able to go up and down steps and run.  He liked cars, trucks, and could build with legos.  I don't know how accurate all that is, but it doesn't matter really.  It also said that he enjoys music and rocking in a rocking chair.  That is something he and Julianne most definitely have in common.  :) 

Nicholas has such a mischievous look about him.  He caught my attention from the first moment that I saw him.  I knew that I wanted that little boy that managed to look both "sweet" and "wild" to be my son.  Thankfully, Brent fell for him quickly as well. 

It breaks my heart that he has already been in an institution for so long.  I pray often that God preserves his personality and keeps him safe there.  I also pray that God will give him dreams of a Mommy who loves him so much and will give him lots of love someday soon. 

We don't know what to expect with him really.  We just know that we LOVE him.  That is really what matters.  God put him in our hearts and we are going to bring him home.  We already know we love him and soon he will know as well.  We know that bringing a child home who has been in an institution for so long will have plenty of challenges.  Thankfully, we have lots of experience with challenges and know that we can help him overcome them.  Will he be wild, scared, closed off, or attention seeking?  Who knows????  God does!

Soon you are coming home little boy!  You don't have any idea as to what that means, but we can't wait to show you!


  1. Nicholas was on our Christmas tree (as the poster boy for "older boys" last year). He was selected because I brought my son home in Jan. 2010 at age 9 so we wanted to give to the "older" boys. I am so happy that Nicholas has a family!

  2. Nicholas actually got that grant money too I think. :) See your donation is helping to bring him home! :) Just pray that we get the written referral and travel date soon for trip #1. I had hoped to be waiting for trip #2 by now! :(

  3. I LOVE that Justine had Nicholas on her tree! Shout out to Justine!

    Nicholas is sooo handsome. I can't wait to get to know him.