Sunday, January 8, 2012

Part 2 of Introducing Our Kids

I'd like for you to meet "Aleshia Noelle" (she was Paula on Reece's Rainbow)!

Aleshia Noelle is 5 years old.  She is just a few months older than Julianne.  "Aleshia" was the name of my first best friend in elementary school and when I saw her listed as "Paula" I just immediately thought she looked like she should be named Aleshia.  Brent liked the name, but questioned my spelling of it.  lol  I explained quickly that because of my friend "Aleshia" this was the natural way for me to spell it. 

She was actually one of our first Angel Tree kids.  I think for that reason that the name "Noelle" is so fitting.  We found her at Christmas time!  Christmas of 2010 was when we fell in love with her.  :)  We checked on her (Paula on Reece's Rainbow) and a boy named Derrick.  We were hoping to start after we got Cody home, but we found out that Derrick had already died.  That threw us into urgent mode.  We knew then that God expected us to act IMMEDIATELY.

Aleshia does not talk, walk, or likely even sit up.  She is actually completely unresponsive last we heard.  Another adoptive mother met her and Aleshia didn't respond when she touched her, talked to her, or got in her line of vision.  She didn't even seem to notice, but just continued to brush her hand up by her eye.  She was propped in a tiny wheelchair outside when that mom was visiting her child.  I was thankful to hear that she was outside getting some air.  I pray that she doesn't have to spend much time "laying" in a crib.

My heart breaks for Aleshia.  I had hoped that she would be home or at least almost home by now.  Instead we are still waiting on trip #1.  :(  I remind myself daily that God is there with her.  That gives me some comfort, but I know that since He put her on my heart, I won't get much comfort until she is in my arms.

We've been asked if she will improve or why we continue forward knowing that she doesn't respond.  The fact is that we don't know if she will improve in her responsiveness.  I hope for her sake that she does, but if she doesn't it doesn't change how much we love her and how much she is OURS.  We'll either love her out of the state she is in now or we will love her in the state that she is now.  If she never becomes responsive, then she will be dressed cute, kept clean, and spoiled while she is unresponsive.  It doesn't matter what someone can or can't do, EVERYONE NEEDS LOVE.    That is something that she has never had.  Imagine being 5 years old and never having a Mama to love you.  It is heartbreaking.  She's never had much reason to respond.  No one really cared if she did anything as long as she did cause them much trouble in taking care of her.

My biggest concern in bringing her home is that I don't want these 13 kids already here to overwhelm her.  I don't want them to overstimulate her or scare her.  We've been talking with them about how not all little ones are use to the same amount of attention as Miss Julianne gets here.  We have different ways planned to let her (and the other little ones) adapt slowly, but still be a part of as much as possible.

Aleshia Noelle is already a very loved little girl.  She just doesn't know it yet.  Soon she will know it!  Very soon Aleshia Noelle will be home with us and beginning to live the life that every princess should live.

God, please protect her and give her hope that someone loves her and is coming for her.

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  1. Love that name. Noelle is pretty and she is a beauty :) Praying for her to realize all her abilities when she arrives.