Friday, January 6, 2012

For their First Sunday at Church

Ok, so I have to "prepare".  I've been "nesting" for waaaayyyy too long.  I keep expecting things to start to move at lightning speed and I want to be ready.  :) 

I was at Sam's Club and they have started putting out their Spring/Summer clothing.  I have always loved to buy the cute clothes there.  Destiny has outgrown them, since they only go to a size 7, but thankfully Julianne arrived in time to be able to keep me buying all those cute things. 

I looked at those beautiful dresses and wanted so badly to buy them, but I wanted to buy them for all 4 of my beautiful "Chromosomally Enhanced" girls.  I mean, anyone who knows me knows, I will have to have them matching as much as possible.  Ahnja may or may not be able to wear smaller sizes than Destiny, but likely will.  One way or the other, the younger three at the very least MUST have some matching outfits.  :)

I looked at those beautiful dresses and decided that I would buy them for all 4 girls!  I then thought "But what sizes do they wear?".  So I thought and then I felt a frivolous smile creek onto my face.  Yes, I decided to buy a 3T (in case Paula is smaller than Julianne), two size 4's (in case someone is Julianne's own size), a size 5, a size 6, and a size 7!  Surely that will cover all the bases!  They can wear them on their first Sunday at church.  I needed 4, but bought 6.  I figured that the dresses were less than $20 a piece at Sam's and if I bought them else where they would be twice that.  With that mindset, I still got a good deal!

I have to admit that I keep pulling the dressing out and looking at them.  I sit and imagine how pretty each one will look in those pink dresses.  I think of how blessed I will feel to have them all together.  Four chromosomally enhanced sisters all stubborn and BEAUTIFUL!  I can just see each of their little faces above those dresses. 

I haven't picked out clothes for the 2 boys yet.  I have no idea what sizes to buy for Nicholas and Keith.  I am maybe going to wait until Brent actually meets them.  With the girls all so close in age, surely I hit their sizes!  Also whatever they don't wear now they can probably grow into (unless of course the size 3T is too small lol).  Nicholas's info is YEARS old, so we have no idea what to expect.  Keith is so very tiny that I am hoping he has grown some since our last report. 

So here is what the girls will be wearing!
Of course you will need to multiply that times 4!

The question is "Which 4 dresses will fit them?" 

What is not in question is that they will ALL be beautiful!


  1. They are beautiful. Can't wait to see your babies in them!

  2. Thanks. :) I can't wait to have them home.