Monday, January 16, 2012

Prayers and Faithful Planning

I ordered the pictures for the picture albums for the kids tonight.  I've been trying to "pace" myself during this waiting.  I don't want to have absolutely nothing to do to feel like I am doing SOMETHING for them.  They are just ordered from 1 hour photo, so they could have been done last minute.  I have the photo books here to put them in. 

I also found some more rattle/key rings for donations to Keith's place.  They had them on sale at Kroger so I got some of them to go with the other donations we have ready.  That made me feel like I could do something for him. 

I do ask that you continue to pray.  I am going to go to bed and hope that I wake up in the morning to a written referral and a travel date for Brent.  I love him dearly, but it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy past time for him to go!


  1. I prayed about this before falling asleep and actually dreamed about it.

  2. I hope you dreamed that we had a verbal referral and were bringing our babies home. Love you and appreciate the prayers.

  3. Thank you! We appreciate the prayers. :)