Thursday, January 5, 2012

Trying to Survive the Waiting

I've been waiting so long for that travel date to get this thing rolling faster.  I've been paper pregnant so long that I should have given birth to an elephant by now!  (I was still paper pregnant with Cody when I got paper pregnant for this international adoption!)  I'm praying that we get the written referral that we need tomorrow.  Yet, I fear to get my hopes up.  I know it will happen in God's time.  I really do KNOW that, but it sure feels like the devil is pulling out all the stops to slow things down. I'm ready to see God squish his little head and make this thing roll quickly.  I live each day while thinking about what time it is in Bulgaria.  Right now it is about 7:15am there.  I begin to pray about their breakfast and that God sends them a hug through someone today.  At lunch time here, I am praying about their bedtime.  It is just a cycle.  I get a lot of praying in.  Of course through most of that praying I'm cooking, cleaning, and homeschooling.  I surely don't want the kids to worry about their 5 siblings there as much as I do! 

Yet, my trial of waiting is so minimal in comparison with theirs!!!!  I am ok.  I have a family and I am loved.  I have plenty to eat, a warm place to call home, and more than my needs met.  I get more hugs a day than most people can imagine!  I am not worried about ME.  I am worried about THEM! 

I have no idea what their days are like.  Are they sick?  Did they have enough to eat?  Are they clean?  Did anyone hug them today or even this week??  Do they even know to long for something more?  I don't know.  I do know that they need to come home! 

Please pray that we get that written referral.  God is big enough to get that for us and make this thing move quickly.  I take comfort in that He loved them before I even knew that existed.  I know He is there with them.  I also know that He laid it on our hearts to bring them here to be with us.  They are already loved just as much as my kids who are home with me.  I know He wants them HERE!  So please pray that we get that written referral and that God gives us miracles to bring them home quickly. 

Tomorrow, I will try and tell you about what I did today to prepare for their first Sunday home.  :)  Being able to feel like I am doing anything for them or getting anything for them, makes me feel useful and makes their homecoming seem closer.

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