Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another Day That They Are . . . . . .

Every day that I wait drives me crazy, but for my kids it is much worse.  It is another day that they have no idea that they have a Mother somewhere who loves them like crazy.  It is another day without a Daddy to feed them a yogurt (Julianne thinks that Daddy is for that purpose at night).  It is another day that they don't have brothers and sisters to play with.  It is another day without a home where they belong. 

It is another day of . . . . being  . . . . orphans.

My heart breaks for them.  We just need  a signature on a piece of paper to move to the next step in this process.

A signature is what they need to be one step closer to realizing who they really are and how loved they already are.

Please pray for that signature to come tomorrow. 


  1. That is the hard part for us mommies:knowing that each night as we climb into warm beds with full tummies our babies do not. Prayer is a mighty tool my friend!

  2. Thanks ladies. It surely is the hard part. The prayers are working because today had lots of good news for lots of families. We are hoping for the important big news tomorrow!