Saturday, January 28, 2012


I'm trying to get Brent's stuff packed.  There is so much to send.

Orphanage and Institution Donations (every kid is at a different place by the way)

Packs of things to do with each of the 5 kids

Enough clothes for Brent to make it for a month (He will have to have his laundry done, bc we can't pack enough for a month without laundry, but we do need him to have enough to do each week that he is in the a city doing visits.)

You may want to pray for our packing.  You definitely need to pray for his trip and that all connections are made and that flights make it in good time.  You need to definitely be praying for all 5 of the children.  Pray that God will open their hearts and make them receptive to love. Most of them have no clue what "family", "love", "Mommy", or "Daddy" means.  They've never had those things!  Then you add in the language barrier and it would have to be interesting.  Pray that they aren't scared of the "strange talking man".  Pray that they can find "hope" from the visit and hang on till I can get back there for them.

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