Monday, January 9, 2012

Part 3 of Intoducing Our Kids

Today I am introducing "Anita Faith" (was Anjelina on Reece's Rainbow). 

Anita Faith is 6 years old.  She was still at the baby orphanage last we heard and we are praying that she hasn't been transferred.  She is the only child that is on the way in which I have a baby photo. 

Baby photos are such a rarity with older children adoptions.  It is such a blessing to have one of her.  I wish I had that of all my children, but it just isn't possible with most of our children (even those in foster care before coming to us). 

Anita Faith is a name we had picked out quite a long time ago.  We see a nurse practitioner whose name is "Anita", who I consider a treasured friend.  Without her to take care of my kiddos (and me for that matter), I wouldn't have near the peace of mind that I do each day.  She has helped us through some very tough times and is always there to pray.  She also always asks about the kids on the way and is such an encouragement.  "Faith" is a middle name that I had always planned to use and a few years ago I put it with "Anita" and knew I would name a child that some day. 

We had already committed to the other children (with the exception of Keith of course) and really wanted to add a 4th child to our adoption.  I badgered Shelley (who always puts up with me so nicely lol) to let me know when a child came through who would be near one of the two locations we already had children.  I told her to let me know as soon as she found our 4th child and she said she would (probably hoping that I would leave her alone lol).

On the day that I first saw sweet Anita's picture, I knew that Shelley was getting more files and was praying that one of them would be ours.  I had to take Ezekiel to an appointment that day, even though I hated for Brent to get a glimpse first, I asked Brent to watch my computer.  I had received an email from Shelley just before I left saying that she thought she had me my 4th child.  I told her that I couldn't wait to see, but I could tell her that the answer was most definitely "yes".  I was dying to know who, how old, boy or girl, ok really just EVERYTHING.  I had my iphone with me and checked it as soon as we arrived and continually through the waiting time at that appointment.  When I got out to my vehicle to start home, there in my inbox was a link to Anita (Anjelina on Reece's Rainbow).  My heart leapt immediately.  I was so thrilled and of course we said "yes" officially.  We filled out the commitment documents and sent in to add her to our adoption!

The things that I know about Anita are not very in depth.  I know that she can run, climb steps, and ride a 3 wheel bike.  I know that she loves to dance.  I know that we will be following up with a cardiologist even though her heart issue is mild and probably with a kidney issue.  Most of all I know that she is MINE and I am so blessed that God chose me to be her Mama.  I can't wait to have her home.  I pray that God keeps her safely at her baby orphanage instead of her being transferred to a mental institution. 

Soon, sweet girl, you will be playing at home with all your siblings and I can't wait to see you dance!

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