Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Just Booked Brent's Flight to . . . .

FINALIZE CODY'S ADOPTION.  Yes,  that is wonderful news.  Cody's adoption will finalize on Friday morning.  Brent doesn't have any chance of making the first trip to Bulgaria this week now.  :(  That is bad news, but we are thrilled that he gets to go and finalize Cody's adoption. 

We've had the date for his finalization for a few weeks, but had hoped that we'd have to postpone it.  Cody is here and safe.  Our kids in Bulgaria are not, so we had hoped he would be able to travel to there ASAP, even if it meant delaying Cody's finalization for a few weeks. 

Court there is at 8am on Friday morning.  So soon after that Cody will be "officially and forever and legally" our forever son!  He's been that in my heart for years, but on that day it will finally be legal!

I'm so thrilled that God has blessed me to get to be his Mommy.  :)

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