Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Feeling a Little More Real

It is 2:30 am and I just finished ordering things to prepare for our soon to arrive children.  Earlier today, I bought and packed some things in a bag for Brent to give to Keith's "Baba" that comes to spend time with him through a ministry there.  I'm hoping that if she uses it, then it will help him now and with the up coming transition.  I also purchased the photo albums that I will be preparing later this week. 

Tonight I ordered two cribs.   Keith and Paula will both need one when they arrive home.  There are twin size beds in the rooms now, but they aren't ready for them.  We are not sure if either one even sits independently, but we know that neither is mobile.  So, even at ages 4 and 5 years old, they will both be in need of cribs. 

I also ordered two of the small pack'n plays.  Keith and Paula will need places to be where they won't get too much attention as they adjust and since they are neither one mobile.  I'm trying to keep reminding my kids here at home that the kids coming aren't use to constant attention and that we will have to be careful not to overstimulate them.  I am however preparing places and ways for them to be a part of the household even if they can't stand any more "touch".  Julianne has had her current pack'n play as a play pen for her entire time home (going on 3 years!), but is in no way willing to give it up.  She gathers everything that she wants up and puts it in there (it is where ALL the combs in the house land!).  She then uses a chair to climb in it, or gets someone to put her in with her ingenius nonverbal bossiness, and plays with everything before she throws it out.  lol

Then I ordered 3 high chairs.  Keith and Paula will be in need of these as well.  Since I don't know if they even sit independently yet, these are especially important.  They are also important bc they will be exploring different textures and foods.  Julianne loves to do that in her high chair.   She also likes to take us there to nonverbally boss us around.  Even the dumbest of people know what she wants if taken to a high chair, so we have no excuse there!  lol  You notice that I said 3 high chairs, even though only 2 kids coming home should be in need of them.  The third one is for Julianne.  She has had her current one since arriving home and it is DONE.  She rocks in it and sits backward in it.  It is nearing its last leg!  A new one is on the way, so I pray it holds out!  These are on the ones on the way.  :)


  1. You two are amazing! Just beautiful. I cannot imagine having the strength that you must have to take on so many children! Bless you!

  2. I love all this baby furniture!!:):)

  3. We are amazingly blessed! God is always providing and making it all work out. He even humors me when I have to make it feel "more real" by getting visible things ready. :) I know He has it under control!