Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Name Trouble

I have names picked out for all the kids.  Everyone has middle names chosen too, except for Keith.  My boys have convinced my husband on the middle name of Vladimir.  I really am not sold on it.  It is nothing like the names of any of our other kids either.  The problem is that nothing is clicking with "Keith".  Our boys already have many of the names that seem they would go best with it.  I had an uncle who passed away before I was born named "Keith Michael".  The problem with that is that we already gave "Michael" to Cody as his middle name.  If I can get his name ironed out then I will announce all of their names. 

Anyone have any ideas?  Keith Vladimir doesn't sound bad, I'm just not sure of it.  If you have any great ideas, then I'd appreciate it if you'd share them!

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