Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Part 5 of Introducing Our Kids

Last, but not least by any means is "Ahnja Joy".
She's 9 years old and just GORGEOUS!  She lives in a group home setting right now, but spent some time in the same mental institution that Nicholas lives in now before her transfer to the group home.  She is the oldest (by just a few months) of the children we are adopting right now, but in the past we adopted Unique when she was 11 years old. 

Ahnja seems to be a lot more advanced as far as we can tell.  She runs, climbs, and is "very quick".  She actually talks well and has a vocabulary (or course since it is in Bulgarian that isn't going to help our communication with her much, but it menas she will hopefully catch on quickly).  She attends a public preschool.  She is potty trained, dresses herself, eats independently, and interacts well with children and adults.  She likes to make up games and is imaginitive!  They say her favorite thing is dolls.  :)

Ahnja caught our attention very quickly.  We had originally thought we would probably only bring home one child that was as old as 9, but she and Nicholas both stole our hearts and we KNEW they should both be ours.  She is just beautiful and I believe that from the beginning of time God planned for she and all my children to be mine.  He didn't "will" the bad things to happen to them, but He knew that they would, so He planned for me to fall in love and adore each one.

I can't wait to get her all dressed up and let her see how truly beautiful she is.  She's likely in a better situation that most of the kids.  Yet, every child needs a Mommy to help them see their true beauty.  Every little girl needs to realize that her beauty comes from God and isn't dependent on anyone else's opinions.  They also need a Daddy to tell them how wonderful they are and make sure that they always know that their beauty is recognized.  :)  Every child (boy or girl and no matter how old) needs a family to adore them!  We can't wait to do let Ahnja (and all the children of course) feel that!

Ahnja has a look in her eyes that I am VERY familiar with.  That is the look that Julianne gets when she is like "come on already" or "don't you get it".  lol  I'm pretty sure that God meant that look to let me know that she was ready for me to "come on already"!

I think that this picture was actually from 2009.

I believe that this picture was the newer picture and is from 2010, but the one I use is the one that was her profile picture on Reece's Rainbow. 

I am with her and ready for this whole thing to "come on already"!  I want to get to bring them all home and show them the love that they deserve and I can't wait till they realize that not only do we ADORE them, but God does too!

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  1. I've not seen that last pic before. She is so, so beautiful. I am getting so excited about meeting them all!!!! I think I've got all their names down now, but once I meet them...I have it!