Monday, January 30, 2012

So Much To Do

We are super busy right now.  We are trying to get Brent ready to travel.  We are also trying to get some of the 2nd stage documents (due after trip#1) done for Brent to take with him.  We already have the new medical forms to get apostilled.  Brent went this morning to get the local police clearance, but the sherriff was headed to a meeting.  They will hopefully have them ready to pick up tomorrow.  We also go tomorrow to get our new "psych" paper filled out.  All three of those documents will be notarized and certified on Thursday.  Then on Friday morning we will leave extra early to go and get them apostilled in the same city that Brent is flying out of.  That will allow him to hand deliver those to our "in country" person.  :) 

We also had ADT here today.  We decided that since someone got into our unlocked vehicles a couple weeks ago and so much is going on in today's world, that it would be a good thing to get installed before Brent leaves.  Just a little added security!

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