Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Bear of a Wait

The waiting is horrible.  I am hoping to wake up to news that we have that written referral!  Please keep praying for that referral, a fast process from here on out, and for our kids who are waiting.

One of the things that we have for Brent to take to each of the children is a BEAR.  It has a picture of their new family on it.  :)  You can order them on Sam's Club's online photo shop if you would like a special bear for a child that you are waiting to make an official part of your family.  Here is a picture:

I'll keep showing more of the things that Brent is taking for them as we go.  :)  I think I found some pretty neat things to help them understand a little and at least get a "picture" of us in their heads.  Tonight we worked on each of their picture books as well.  Dayton and Jose had a good time helping me put them together.  Things are so much faster when you have lots of hands!  


  1. Oh I love this!!! I am going to have to get one for Avah!!

  2. Love it! And the title of your post ;)

  3. I love the bear:O) We gotten these bears for all kind of occassions. Very cute idea :O))) Praying for you also to get a date. :O)