Saturday, May 12, 2012

Why My Heart Breaks On Mother's Day

Mother's Day is tough when you have kids alone, hungry, and neglected somewhere where you can't reach them.  Its hard when they are just in a foster home where you can't touch them, like Cody was last year.  It is MUCH harder when they aren't safe or loved.

But my sadness is nothing in comparison with theirs.  See Ahnja and Anita go to school, so they probably know what a Mommy is and that they don't have one yet.  Keith, Aleshia, and Nicholas likely don't even have a clue what a Mommy is!  All they know is that life stinks when you don't have one, but they don't even know that life isn't what it should be or that it could be any better.  They are miserable, but they know no different life.  They are alone, but they don't know it isn't normal to be that way.  

Their life is about to change though!!!  They are ALREADY LOVED!  

The children whose pictures you see below are in much worse condition.  They have NO HOPE unless someone decides to love them and go the extra mile for them.  They have no hope unless someone goes to them and brings them out of that loneliness.  Can you imagine no family to give you a hug when things are rough?  No Mommy to comfort you when you are sick or get you popsicles???  No Mommy to celebrate Mother's Day or any other holiday with?  No family to ever celebrate you????  

We as mothers are adults and we enjoy a day of being celebrated.  These children below will never know what it is like for anyone to celebrate them unless YOU do something.  The word "love" in their language is likely not something that they have ever heard!!!  Please use this day to help someone see that they should be the "Mother" that one of the children below is celebrating next "Mother's Day"!

Click on the pictures below to learn more about these waiting children!


So this Mother's Day while you are celebrating your Mother or being celebrated for being a Mother, PLEASE REMEMBER THOSE WHO HAVE NO MOTHER!  These are just sweet little kids, who are likely all alone in their cribs today.  What can you do to make sure that they are in a different situation next Mother's Day???  Are one of these children yours????  Could you at least share this post on your Facebook, so that more people will see it?  Even if only one of your friends does the same, then it could get their faces in front of a whole different group of people, one of which will say "Yes, that is my son/daughter"!    Look at all their faces.  Some are smiling, some are crying, some look mischievous, some look curious, and some look like they've given up hope because no one has ever cared.  Please help give them all hope and LOVE!


  1. wishing you and your family a blessed Mothers Day, even though you are apart God holds you all in the palm of his hand x

  2. I can't wait to see your five home!