Friday, May 11, 2012

No Shopping to be Done

The children I am about to list are not going Mother's Day shopping.  They don't have anyone to buy for, just as they haven't had anyone to take care of them all year long - or any year really.  I mean, there are 'caretakers' or 'orphanage workers', but not someone who takes care of them because they love them.  :(  With your help, next Mother's Day could be a different ballgame!

Just click the pictures to learn more.  Each picture is linked to the info for that child.

Those are 20 faces of real children who are alone this Mother's Day.  If you click on their picture, it should take you to their Reece's Rainbow page where you can learn more about them.  That last little girl with the tiny little bonnet, is just a couple months old.  If you start now, she will never remember her life without a Mommy.  Think of all the times in your life that you needed your mother, now why should these children not have that need met???  Spend this Mother's Day making a real difference.  Share, donate, pray, and someone go adopt these children.


  1. thank you from the bottom of my heart for profiling Marcia, a sweet, clever girl with very manageable special needs stemming from her spina bifida diagnosis. I am raising funds for her and she has $4K in her grant now, thanks to support and advocacy from people like you!

  2. Thank you, thank you for putting Ashlyn and Melody on this list. I truly love those little girls and wish with all my heart that this will be the LAST Mother's Day for *all* of these kiddos to be without a mom!