Friday, May 18, 2012

Waiting Children 5-1912

Well another weekend is here.  Time to see more beautiful children who are waiting for someone to step and to love and take care of them.  Every child DESERVES to know that they are loved, wanted, adored, and made by a wonderful loving God who gave His Son to adopt them.  They can't learn that in an institution or orphanage even if by chance they are actually told.  How could they possibly understand "love" if they've never even felt the earthly equivalent?

Please look at this picture.  Pray for this child.  Consider donating, advocating, or adopting!  God isn't sending out special notices to just certain people that He wants to do something for orphans.  He expects ALL OF US to DO SOMETHING.  Read what the Bible says about orphans and you will find that to be true.

GABBY!  Gabby is 3 years old.  She is in the horrible place where my little one is.  She needs OUT.  She has no chance of any life at all there.  She has been left lay there and who knows what she will or will not achieve.  EVERY CHILD deserves to be loved.  This little girl has never had one ounce of that.  She needs to feel it.  With love, there is no telling what she might achieve, but even if she doesn't make huge strides in development - she NEEDS to be loved.  Look at those beautiful eye lashes, those big eyes, and those soft little cheeks.  CLICK HER TO LEARN MORE ABOUT GABBY

I don't know exactly what Gabby's daily schedule is like, but I have a pretty good idea.

Morning:  A bottle is slung at Gabby that isn't nearly the nourishment needed to grow. Then she is left lay in bed wet and still hungry on sheets that are soaked with urine.  There is no toy in sight and if she saw one at 3 years old, she would have no idea what to do with it.

Mid morning:  Gabby is laying in bed more wet and more hungry, in a sopping wet bed all alone.  Gabby doesn't try to do anything, besides lay there.  There is no use.  No one has ever cared.  She's never had any stimulation whatsoever.

Noon:  Another bottle slung at Gabby (if she is lucky there!) and yanked out of bed for her daily diaper change, which if she is lucky will include a change of her clothes and maybe a dry sheet some days.

Afternoon:  Gabby is laying in bed alone still with no toys, stimulation, or having been touched with any love yet another day.  She is likely already in a wet diaper again and still just as hungry as ever.

Evening:  Another bottle is slung at Gabby. She is back to being in a very wet diaper. She is alone and has just seen the last person who even looked her way for the day.

Night:  Gabby is still alone. No one sung to her or tucked her in. She is still hungry, very wet, her clothes are wet again by now even if she was changed earlier. Her sheets are now wet again too. The only difference between day and night for her is that now it is dark, but it is still the same because she is ALONE.

Middle of the night:  Gabby wakes up with a horrible hunger in her stomach.  No one is coming and she has learned that so she doesn't even bother to cry.  She is soaked, but she is use to that too.  She had a dream, but she couldn't understand it.  There was someone singing and holding her in that dream.  The words "I love you" were there and sounded good, but 'what on earth do they mean' she must wonder.  She's never heard those words or anything that means that in any language.  She feels some hope deep inside that could only come from God, but yet her heart stops hoping before it gets very far. She needs to go back to sleep.  Sleep is her only hope out of the drudgery.

Is that a happy post?  No, it isn't and many Christians honestly don't want to hear it.  They don't want to think about it and somehow think that if they don't think about it, then it isn't real and they aren't responsible. The fact is that this is REALITY to children every day, especially children where Gabby lives.

I truly believe that God speaks to them and gives them hope somehow.  Otherwise, I don't even know how they could survive.  If He fed people in the Bible with food falling from the sky or delivered by birds, then surely we can believe He speaks to the souls of His children.  I believe that God gives them HOPE, but it is our job to make it a reality.  He has already told us what to do!!!  He didn't say "Maybe if you feel 'called' then you should care about the poor and the orphans".  He never said He's send us some special invitation or command!!!  What are Christians waiting for?????  I understand that not every Christian is able to adopt, but we can all do SOMETHING!  If you don't think you are "called" or "suppose to", then WHY???  What makes you feel that you aren't?  Is it because there is a real reason that you can't or because it is difficult, hard, expensive, and uncomfortable????

Do you think life is difficult, hard, and uncomfortable for Gabby?

HELP HER PLEASE!!  She is waiting.  Will you be the one to stand before God some day and say, "I didn't think you meant for ME to go for Gabby"?  Please help her while God still is giving us opportunity!!!!

THIS LINK can be clicked to learn more about Gabby or you can email Shelley at


  1. could I please use these words and post on my blog? Ill link back to get the point across so well ( not a pretty thought at all)I think so many think of an orphanage as a place where all children are held loved and fed although the children may not have so terribly sad

    1. Of course you can. I just want people to "get it" and if one person does then it will be worth the 100 who read that are are ticked at me. lol