Sunday, May 6, 2012

Another Monday

It is Monday again.  This is the day of greatest hope in the adoption process.  This is the day that you have a whole week that good news could come.  Today, I just KNOW it is going to come this week.  I'm praying that it comes today.  I want an email from our lawyer that says some type of progress has been accomplished.  I am longing for those words "We have a court date!".  That would mean a step closer to busting Keith out of the really horrible place and that ridiculous isolation room.  It would mean a step closer to holding Keith, Aleshia, Anita,Nicholas, and Ahnja in my arms.  It would mean a day closer to the day when they finally see "home" and "family" and hear about "Jesus" and learn about "love".

Pray this is the day, this is the week, and that everyone touching our paperwork feels compelled to move it a step farther and faster!!!


  1. Amanda, I do hope you hear this week. Waiting is excruciating--and must be even more so when you have a little one in such an awful place.

  2. I hope you hear something this week also. The wait is so hard. Now, we wait to see when we get our first dates of travel. We are rejoicing that our dossier is complete, but we are still waiting!

  3. Praying you get your answers this week!