Friday, May 25, 2012

Waiting Children 5-26-12

In honor of Anita turning 7 years old yesterday (I just couldn't write a post about it then and may try to this coming week, but birthdays are rough.  She is in a good orphanage as far as orphanages go, so I tried to not think about it and purely think about the fact that it was her very last one as an orphan.)  , I am doing all 7 year old little girls today.

Heather will turn 7 in July.  She is described as calm and affectionate.  She has Down Syndrome and needs someone to show her how wonderfully made she is!  Are you her Mommy??

Paulina will be 7 next month.  She is described as friendly and happy.  She would be much happier if she had a Mommy!  Could you help her with that?

Christina just turned 7 in April.  She is waiting for her Mommy to find her, so that she doesn't have to keep having birthdays alone.  She would be gorgeous with that red hair all grown out and bows in it!!

Molly will be turning 7 years old in July.  She is a gorgeous little girl and doing so very well.  She is currently living in a foster family and needs her forever family to find her.  She loves all things pink and sparkly!  I can imagine that preparing her room could help keep you occupied while you wait to bring home this tiny joy!

Anastasia is a gorgeous 7 year old.  She just had her 7th birthday alone and would love for someone to start the process to end that horrible trend.  She is a sociable little girl who needs hope and love.  Could this be your daughter???

Mabel shares an age and birth month with my Anita.  She has turned 7 just this month too!  She has been chewing on her hands and sleeves to soothe herself and you can see it in this picture.  She needs a Mama to give her hugs to soothe her and love every day.  Please someone make this very tiny 7 year old your daughter!!!

Millie is an older 7 year old.  She will be turning 8 next month.  She is such a beautiful little girl!  She loves to be outside and play with musical toys.  There are a couple videos of her available if you inquire.  She needs a Mama to start working so that by the time the next birthday comes around, she will know that she is loved!

Jolene just turned 7 years old.  She is such a pretty little girl!  More pictures are available of her too.  :)  Is this your little girl?

Melissa will turn 7 next month.  She has already been transferred.  Her beautiful blonde hair was shaved off and she is now confined to a crib.  She will stay there unless someone steps out and says "You aren't leaving my baby girl in that crib" and bring her home.  Please do that!

So all of the little girls you have just seen are less than a year different than Anita in age.  They all have Down Syndrome like her as well.  They are all living in orphanages or institutions, like Anita is today.

The difference:  Anita has a family who adores her and she will be coming home soon!!!!

Please give them that!!!!

Every little girl deserves a family to adore her!
Happy Birthday Anita!  
We love you so very much!
Soon you will be home and not just looking at pictures!
Prayerfully someone will see you and give one of these other
that are so very much like YOU
a FAMILY too!

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