Sunday, May 13, 2012

Destiny is "Concerned"

Destiny turned 9 years old today.  Destiny has very high functioning Autism and is so bright and cheery (well unless she is mad or not wanting to put away clothes or finish up a journal!  lol).

This morning, Destiny was all dressed in a new hot pink dress for church.  It had wide straps at the shoulder.  It was not really low cut by any means, but it didn't have as high of a neckline as we often wear and was more square cut in the neck.  She looked BEAUTIFUL!

She was pulling at the neckline and I asked her what was wrong.  She laid her hand just below the typical neckline.  She said "this part of me is showing".  I said "Yes, but it is ok because it doesn't go down TOO low" and showed her where too low would be.  Then I said "I'm glad you are CONCERNED about making sure that too much isn't showing though"!

Destiny said "I'm really concerned about the paperwork that needs signed for our adoption".

That just says it all.

It consumes all of our thoughts so much of the time.

Destiny on her birthday, looking beautiful, talking about something totally different, and worried about her neckline, but still THAT is what is on her little mind.

We are all so ready to bring Keith, Aleshia, Anita, Nicholas, and Ahnja home.

Please pray that this is the week of good news!


  1. I will pray that this week brings you good news. Waiting is so hard -- especially when your children are in such need. You have a beautiful family and I enjoy keeping up with your journey.