Monday, May 21, 2012

Some Important Prayer Requests

The biggest prayer request right now is for my friend Shelley's little girl.  Her name is Annikah and she came home from Bulgaria in December.  She is having brain surgery tomorrow to help get better blood flow to her brain as a result of Moya Moya Disease.  (I'd never heard of it before Annikah either!)  She will then need another in about 4 weeks to help with blood flow to the other side of her brain.

Today did not go well.  She was stuck over and over to try and hydrate her through an IV.  The veins kept blowing, so finally they put a PIC line in.  PLEASE PRAY THAT TOMORROW GOES MUCH BETTER FOR HER AND HER MOMMY!!!

Another big prayer need is for a COURT DATE!  We need our case assigned to a judge over there and a court date given.  We really are hoping for a quick court date!  Please send up lots of prayers.  They have a "holiday" on Thursday and Friday.  I hate holidays over there right now.  They cost us time, but worse than that is that they likely mean that Keith's Baba doesn't go and he gets even less care than on a normal day.  :(

Please send up lots of prayers for that court date, an adoption friendly judge, and Annikah's surgery!  I'll update you on all of it tomorrow once I know how things went.  :)  Thanks so much for those prayers that I know you are sending up!


  1. Will be praying for Annikah and a court date for you!!