Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Package for Ahnja

We haven't sent a package to Ahnja until today.  The caregivers where she is told her that we were the ones who left her when she was little during Brent's last visit.  Our hearts broke and Brent tried to explain otherwise.  We were afraid to send anything, because we really didn't want to stir anything up further.  Since we know we are going to be there to pick her up soon, we wanted to let her know we were thinking of her and get her back excited about coming home.

I tried to find things that would be small and things that would excite her.  She is such a girlie girl and so grown up in many ways.  She is also full of SPUNK.  So here is the package that left today and will arrive around the 9th of July.
A butterfly outfit
A hat with sparkle
A purse
Pink and white jewelry
Butterfly stickers
A butterfly necklace (it came with two in the pack and I will wear the other)
A note to her in Bularian that our wonderful attorney translated for me
A singing card

Please pray that it is well received and the staff don't cause any more grief. 

Pray that it gets her excited about her new life - as a very loved member of our family!

I will be picking she and Anita up in 13 days!

The Baby Shower that our friends are doing for us online is still going on.  Please go check it out!


  1. oh my, you put in her Princess Ahnja picture - thank you, thank you so much Amanda - lol you made my cry at work!

  2. I love the hat, it is so Ahnja!!