Saturday, June 30, 2012

One Special Waiting Child and a Huge Bonus Prize

I always do waiting children on the weekends.  Today, there is a little girl who is weighing very heavily on my   heart.  Sweet Marsha has untreated hydrocephalus.  She needs a family to bring her home quickly and get her treatment.  She is in the same place as one of my little ones and has been horribly neglected.  Her ONLY HOPE is for a family to adopt her and get her hydrocephalus treated.  Our Cody has hydrocephalus and if she'd had a shunt to begin with, then it would not have been a big deal at all.  Unfortunately she did not.  Now the pressure in her head is continuing to build.  I can't even imagine how much her head must heart.  I spent much of yesterday sobbing over her.  My heart is broken.  I can't stand that she is laying there waiting to die over something that was so simple to solve, had her medical needs not been so severely neglected.  PLEASE HELP HER!  I am BEGGING for someone to be God's hands and feet for this sweet and suffering child!!!!!

Click here to go and read about her on Reece's Rainbow or email Shelley


The Bonus Prize I mentioned and other info can all be found at THIS LINK FOR THE BABY SHOWER A FRIEND IS HAVING FOR US.

By helping to "buy a gift" at the baby shower you will be entered to win a "party favor" prize and when all the boxes are filled someone will win their choice of a $150 gift card OR $150 donated to the child or family of their choice on Reece's Rainbow!!!  

Go check it out.  I leave in 13 days to go and get my 5 Bulgarian Blessings!!!

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