Tuesday, July 10, 2012

One Week from Today!?!

You ask, "What are you doing this time next week?".

Well since you asked!

It will be Gotcha Day for Anita and Ahnja!!!!!!!

Yes, I will be picking up Anita and Ahnja and they will never go back!!

They'll be adding lots of motion and noise to my hotel room about this time.  Ahnja will probably be telling me off in Bulgarian and I won't even know what she is saying.  :)  She'll probably be trying to take over the care of the other children and I'll be gently redirecting that I am in charge and have it under control.  :)  I bet she'll be looking through her new clothes and trying on shoes to make sure they fit.  I bet Anita will be too!  Anita will be trying to figure out this new world  and life.  I'll be figuring out what they will eat, but I think those two are going to be EASY on that accord.

Yes, in two weeks I will already have 4 of my Bulgarian Blessings in my arms!

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