Monday, July 30, 2012

1 Week Home Update

Things are going SO MUCH BETTER than we expected that they would be at this point!  All the kids are showing improvements in so many areas.

Keith is growing and such a doll!!!
The picture above with his head resting on his hand is how he sits and "talks"!
Below, you can see him cracking up!  He loves to laugh!

He even laughed while waiting for his 1st doctor's appt!
Big brother, Dayton, went along to make sure he was being spoiled correctly! 
(Can you tell how much they love each other already???)

Keith also love to fall asleep on me now!
That is great, because it means he knows he is safe and loved!
Julianne hasn't shown any jealousy at all yet, which has surprised me. 
She loves to look at him sleeping and stays close by if a visitor holds him!

 Aleshia is doing so well.
She is interacts more each day.  
This laugh was at Dayton, but she also loves to laugh when someone else gets scolded!
She is putting her feet on the floor when she is in the bouncer and can get pretty active in it.
She loves being in the middle of things and then enjoys some quiet time too!
 Anita is hillarious and doing great!
She loves to give kisses and can be so sweet.
She is exploring all the new things to be seen and done.
She is so much like Julianne in so many ways.
She can be pretty princess one minute and our little "sumo wrestler" the next!

Today I took her with me to pick up my glasses, to Walmart, and then to Sam's.
She got an ice cream at Sam's and was very pleased!
Isn't she beautiful?!

Nicholas is improving every single day!
He is willing to play in the family room now instead of just on his bed.
He loves to play outside.

He and Cody are very much the same size, 
even though Cody is only 5 and Nicholas is 9 year old.

Ahnja, well . . . She is on top of the world!  lol
She has a big attitude, but loves being a part of a family!
She loves to play!

She told Jose a whole bunch of stuff about him being on top of that trapeze bar!
I really wish I knew Bulgarian, because she is so animated!
She doesn't seem to mind that we don't know what she is saying though!
She keeps that beautiful smile!


So, as you can see, things are busy, but GREAT!!!!  The kids are all doing wonderful.  They are growing and changing each day.  I predict Keith will be crawling in no time!  Aleshia, I think will be chewing food before we know it.  Anita, says "Mama" already when she wants me and who knows she may speak more English by a month home than she did Bulgarian at 7 years!  Nicholas is changing so amazingly with less stemming and more interaction that is appropriate.  He is doing much better with realizing that food isn't a "survival of the fittest" thing here and being calm during mealtimes.  By a month home, I think he'll be able to go to a fast food place and not be noticed maybe!  Ahnja is doing awesome and I suspect that by a month home, she will be communicating much more English and we'll be knowing much more Bulgarian too!

God is amazing and we are so blessed!!


  1. Awesome!! Man, you are on it with having an update already! Rejoicing with you all...


  2. Great news about all of them!! Keep up the good work :D Will keep you in my prayers <3

  3. I loved reading your update! I'm so glad everyone is doing well!

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  9. Thanks so much everyone! We are so incredibly blessed and already I can't imagine how our family could have made it without them!

  10. So very happy to read this update! I love following along with your family and your 5 new little lovies!

    In His Love,

  11. Oh my gosh, I just found your blog through fb, what a wonderful blessing the Lord has given you as a family!!! The children are all so beautiful and doing so well! Praise God, it is His love that brought you all together so that you can be a wonderful family. I'm so happy the children are adjusting to family life so easily, especially since there are so many of them to adjust!! Such a marvelous blessing!!! Praying the adjustment continues to go smoothly and the children flourish in their new family.

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