Friday, July 6, 2012

Anita and Ahnja - A Little of the Schedule

Anita and Ahnja will be picked up on the 2nd Gotcha Day!  I will get to pick them up on July 17th!  I don't yet know who will be first of the two.  I can't wait to go and pick them up!!

Yes, these are the two with a lot of SPUNK!

I won't have a translator with me the whole time like Brent did though!
That means I am going to be told off and not know what she said!
I surely can't wait!

Can you imagine how well these two will do in a family?  

Ahnja is 10 years old.  She grew up in the orphanage where Anita is now.  Then she was transferred to the institution where Nicholas is now.  Then she was thankfully moved to the group home.  She KNOWS other children have families.  She wants one and I can't wait to let her see that she has one who loves her so very much!  

Anita is going to have a big transition.  She has lived in that orphanage her whole life.  She is going to have to lose everything she's ever known to get what she's always needed but never known was out there!  Her next stop would have been the institution where Nicholas is.  :(  So thankful that she never had to make that transition.  I can't wait until she and Julianne are making mischief together!  I can't wait until she learns what a family is and how loved she is!!

The Baby Shower is almost over, so your chance to be a part of that is almost over.

Stay tuned on this blog for pictures, videos, and updates!!!!  

Send up lots of prayers for travel and transitions!


  1. wonderful videos, what a blessing these girls are going to be in your family

  2. Ahnja is sooo cute! What a little spitfire! I bet she'll pick up English pretty easily and be telling daddy off in English in no time! Welcome home!! I pray the bonding goes well. She's been through a lot of transitions, I hope she soon realizes this time is forever!! :)