Sunday, July 15, 2012

Guest Post from Brent: Joy Comes In the Morning

   This is Brent guest-posting for my wife who has been WAY too busy the last couple of days for any of this. To get you up to speed, on Friday my wife departed with two of her friends for Bulgaria to bring home our 5 darlings -- Aleshia, Keith, Ahnja, Anita, and Nicholas. I dropped Amanda off at the Huntington (WV) airport around 8:30 am for her first flight which should have left at 10:55 am. Alas, it was cancelled due to weather, a later flight was delayed significantly, and I don't believe they managed to leave Huntington til around 6 or 6:30 pm. They flew to Charlotte where they watched what would have been their plane take off for Germany. So, a night in Charlotte ensued.
    The next afternoon (Saturday), Amanda and friends flew to Philadelphia around 2:45 where they caught a plane sometime later for Germany. After the long flight across the ocean, they would finally get on the flight bound for Bulgaria following some baggage drama (it still has not all arrived at this posting). Arrival in Bulgaria occurred sometime around 4 pm there and 9 am here...on Sunday -- a full day after they should have arrived on the original itinerary. But praise God they made it -- and I know there were many prayers going up!! It was hard for me to believe during all that time on Friday as I would talk to her, Amanda was just a few miles away -- still stuck in limbo. However -- God's timing is perfect and His hand is surely on this trip!
   With not much time to spare after landing in Bulgaria, and without all their extra clothes and other such things, our weary travelers met up with their facilitator and began the drive to Aleshia's town, about 3 or so hours away as I recall. They are there now as I post, in the early morning hours, where Amanda is probably spending a restless night as her mind swims with all the excitement and possibilities that tomorrow holds....
   For you see, tomorrow is GOTCHA DAY for two of our precious darlings, Aleshia, and then Keith, another drive of maybe a couple of hours away. GOTCHA DAY!!! For Aleshia Noelle Unroe and Keith Isaac Unroe!  This is what we've been waiting for -- for 18 months! and especially since I was in Bulgaria (for 28 nights) in February and got to see them and hold them for the first time...while Amanda waited. But this is her turn now! And how deserving she is to be the one to take trip two -- to bring them out of their current settings, never to return again! To be their mommy for life, to love and hold them and give them what really only a mommy can. Yes, I am bursting with excitement and anticipation as I ponder what awaits her in just a few hours -- I doubt I will sleep much either!
   So share in the thrill of this awesome experience! The Bible says to weep with them that weep, and also REJOICE with them that REJOICE! Weeping endures for a night, BUT JOY COMES IN THE MORNING!!
   Yes, in the morning, again I say, in the morning...this is not a little thing -- Aleshia and Keith, your mommy is coming!!!


  1. Oh such great joy! I am weeping, feeling your love and excitement for Amanda and your children. I get teary eyed just thinking about how amazing those first few moments will be when she finally gets to hold those precious children. Still praying for the rest of their trip to go very smoothly.

  2. So excited for gotcha day for you all!