Monday, July 16, 2012

17th July is Ahnja & Anita's Gotcha day

Another guest post from Catherine with the pictures you have been waiting for

Aleshia and Keith are orphans no more!

Amanda is having trouble getting pictures through but did manage to get some to Brent.  So for any that didn't see them on Facebook here are the rushes of Aleshia & Keiths Gotcha Day.....

Aleshia meets Mommy for the first time and soon they are off to start the journey to collect little Keith.

I keep coming back to this picture Amanda, you look so happy.  Its been said before but it was always in God's plan that you would be together, you were literally made for each other.

This amazing picture of Keith & Amanda brought tears to my eyes.  Precious, priceless, what an amazing smile as Keith reaches out to touch Mommy's face. 

Then its off together to sort out the passport photos (or maybe Visa's)? See how the children are leaning into their Mommy?  They have no idea yet about family but they are sure going to find out soon!

And in Brent's words.....'Hey, Aleshia, guess what! We're free!!'
They already look so comfortable in each others company!

And today, 17th July, they get to meet 2 of their sisters.....hang on Anita and Ahnja, Mommy is only a few steps away from is your special day.......

Today is the day you meet Mommy, Aleshia & Keith.  today is the day you start to learn what its like to be loved and cherished, nurtured and held, to be part of a living breathing praying and praising family.

God is good, we cannot wait to see the pictures as Mommy springs you out...Godspeed Amanda, as ever you carry our love and our prayers with you.  Love and hugs too for Brent and the rest of the children eagerly awaiting news at home.

Catherine, Vince & Nathan xxxx 

ps, Amanda will update you in much more detail when she gets an internet connection!

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  1. Oh TEARS of JOY!!!!! Finally FREE!!!!! Thank You, GOD!!!!!