Thursday, July 5, 2012


Very soon I will be holding my babies.  In two weeks, we will all be settled into our hotel room and waiting for the last pieces of the puzzle to come together so that I can bring them all home.

Right now the bags are packed!  I even have their activity packs for the long trip home ready and in the bags!  I need to add sippy cups, washcloths, bottles, makeup, and my diabetes supplies.  That is all that is left!

Even the Baby Shower is nearly finished!  Go check it out if you are still hoping to play a part in bringing them home!  Click HERE!

Please be in prayer for each of the kids.  Pray that God prepares their hearts for things that they don't even know to hope for yet.  Their worlds have been very small up until now.  So much stimulation is coming and we are praying that God somehow eases that so that the trip won't overstimulate them so much.

This blog will very soon be full of wonderful pictures and videos of children who no longer live in group homes, orphanages, or institutions!!

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  1. Yay so excited that soon they will be in your arms!