Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Keith and Aleshia - A little of the Schedule!

Ok, so the Baby Shower is still focusing on Keith and Aleshia right now and there is so much more about them to tell.

They are the first two kids that will be picked up.  I will leave on July 13th and arrive in Bulgaria on July 14th.  On July 15th, we will travel to Aleshia's region and spend the night.

First thing on July 16th, we will pick up Aleshia!

Then we will drive to where Keith is and pick him up!!

Then we will take them both back to the capital city with us!!!!

I am so excited to hold them!!!

No more of being so unstimulated that he has to occupy his time this way!

Mommy's lap is where she will be sitting!!!

I think this will work well for strengthening those legs and stimulation!

Soothing is much better in one of these than what Keith is use to!

A walker to work with should be good for them both!

Best if all though:
When they need comforted Mommy's arms will be FOREVER available.
When they need to learn, Mommy will be so excited to teach.
When they need anything, there will be a whole BIG FAMILY ready to love them and take care of them!

To say I'm excited is the understatement of the world!  I've longed for that moment since I first laid eyes on them!!!  

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  1. AMEN AMEN AMEN!!! I cannot believe it has come! I can't believe your day is here and they will have forever families!!