Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another Sign They Are Unroes!

Well there was is another sure tell sign that my Bulgarian Blessings are Unroes!  They have appointments with our medical provider set and on the calendar.

We all see a wonderful lady named Anita.  She is so good with my kids and has already started getting even the specialist appointments set up.  She has helped us through more things than I can count.  If she wasn't the one taking care of my kids then I would be fretting much more, but I always know that she takes care of them just as she would if they were her kids.

Anyone wonder where our Anita Faith got her name???  Yes, my calendar now has an appointment for Anita to go see Anita!  lol

Yes, my tiny Anita Faith will not be just looking at pictures of her family for much longer!

This close feels so good and I am thrilled to have their names on the calendar
 for THEIR appointments!


  1. I'm very excited for you! I love all the updates and the details of each child! I'm praying for all of the pieces to fall together for you! They are all so precious!

  2. wow, Anita LOVES to dance - what a joy!

  3. Hey! I just noticed you are fellow Ohioans!