Friday, June 8, 2012

Waiting Children 6-9-12

Landon is waiting.

Elias is waiting too.

Annabeth is gorgeous, has Down Syndrome, and is waiting.

Ellison is a cutie with Down Syndrome who is also waiting.

Brenna is also waiting.

Paisley is also a beautiful waiting child.

All of these children are waiting.  They did nothing wrong.  They are just like any my kids and just like your kids.  They were put on this earth by the same God that sent every other child here.  They were put here to be loved, taken care of, spoiled, and a part of a family.  Yet, they lay alone in a crib without a Mommy.  They don't know that life is suppose to be happy for children and bellies are suppose to be full.  They don't know about bubble baths, candy in the checkout line, playing in the grass, movie nights, bedtime stories, or love.  Please change that for them.  Show them what God would want their life to be like and, in the meantime, learn what God wants your life to be like.

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