Saturday, June 9, 2012

Waiting Children 6-10-12 JUST LIKE OUR KIDS!!!!

Ok, "Waiting Children" post now and then stay tuned because this week should be a great blog week with our court date upcoming!

Each of the children today is the exact same month and year of birth as our children on the way.  These kids don't have a family though.  Please help us change that!!!

This little boy is the same age as KEITH.

Curtis is 5 years old just like our Keith.  He was born in the same month and the same year as our little boy.  He is still waiting for a family!!  He needs someone to choose him and love him forever!  This could be your blessing!!

This little girl is the same age as ALESHIA!!

Suzanne is 6 years old, just like Aleshia.  She has the same birth month and year!  What she doesn't have is a family.  She needs one and you could be the blessed family!!!

This little girl is the same age as ANITA!!

Mabel is the 7, just like our Anita.  She was born in the same month and year.  She is still waiting for a family.  She needs someone to choose to love her and let her hair grow out for pigtails!  This could be your beautiful little princess?????

This little boy is the same age as NICHOLAS!

Ruslan is 9, just like our Nicholas.  He shares the some month and year of birth as Nicholas.  He has already been transferred to an institution just like Nicholas as well.  He needs to come out just like Nicholas, but first he needs a family like Nicholas.  Please think about what a blessing this little boy would be to you!!  (He has a large grant to help with his adoption too!)

This little girl is the same age as AHNJA!!!

Kylie is 10, just like our Ahnja.  She has the exact same birth month and year as Ahnja.  She is doing very well like Ahnja too!  She just needs a family, like Ahnja has.  She needs a Mama to let her hair grow longer and help her fix it pretty.  She needs a shirt with her family's picture on it maybe too.  :)  This beautiful girl could be your daughter!!!!

Can you help these 5 kids be even more like our 5????  Can you give them what our kids have and they don't??  They need a family to commit to them and be "on the way"!!!  The blessings will be yours I can guarantee, but their lives are never going to be full and happy unless a family chooses to do that for them.



  1. THANK YOU for including Ruslan. Seriously, it just blesses my heart! I want so badly for him to have a family.

  2. We have on heart to adopt Suzanne and are almost ready to send in the paperwork for the homestudy! Do you have anymore information on her?

  3. Angela, I don't know anything about her besides what is on Reece's Rainbow. More good news is that Mabel is on the MFFM page now too!